Healthy Breakfast: An Essential Need for students

Having a healthy breakfast every day is a great way to give our body refuelling after a night’s sleep. And when it comes to kids who try skipping breakfast every day it comes to be more crucial. Children who tend to eat breakfast prevail healthier and physically strong all day. However, missing breakfast makes children feel tired. Breakfast quickly fixes the needs of beneficial nutrients in the body and keeps kids active and maintain a healthy weight also. The brain-power they need at school for learning comes from the energy, they get from an energy-boosting breakfast.  

Before starting the school day a good nutritious breakfast helps to improve concentration. It helps at studies to obtain better test scores with increased energy of vitamins and minerals. Breakfast is especially important for the younger students because their brains use up about half of their body’s energy.

Let’s see how a healthy breakfast is important and how to promote it in children.

Breakfast enhances the immune system and prevents eating disorders

Eating breakfast not only fulfil the body’s nutrients requirements but also boost the immune system and prevent eating disorders caused by avoiding breakfast. It will help to kick start their metabolism converting food to energy.

Kids get better mood and fresh look to start a good day

What you eat at breakfast has a large impact on the rest of the day. After having a good breakfast kids feel refreshed with a better mood for educational tasks and fresh healthy look to inspire and get success.

Do you know early morning is best time to eat breakfast?

Early breakfast is preferable. The time within two hours of getting up is more adequate to eat breakfast because it helps to kick start metabolism. So, students should wake up early to get ready for school after having a power packed breakfast.

What kind of foods are good for breakfast ?

A well-balanced breakfast is preferable which includes whole grains bread and cereals, lean protein of low-fat dairy products, and fresh fruits to get vitamins and minerals. You can simply add seasonal fruits and vegetables also. Don’t always promote traditional breakfast. With healthy ingredients prepare breakfast in unique style.

How to make children willing to have breakfast

here are some worthwhile tips for you;

  • Make sure for school-going children to have dinner in time and sleep early so that they can get up early in the morning having enough time to get ready and have some extra time to eat breakfast sufficiently before school.
  • At breakfast time sit and eat with your kids. Being a good example is a more practical way to influence your children’s habits.
  • Preferably make a healthy and fully nutritious breakfast that works more  even in small quantity for a child having less appetite.
  • Make breakfast more appealing and desirable to attract kids.
  • By offering choices for breakfast is also proven to be effective.
  • Add your children’s favourite food items in breakfast for example their favourite fruits, nuts, eggs, peanut butter etc.
  • Get breakfast ready the night before if possible, to save time in your busy morning routine.
  • Subscribe to a good YouTube food Channel for better breakfast ideas.

Dear parents, now we know that how important breakfast is for our children but we also realize how much it’s hard to make kids ready to eat breakfast. Children often do not feel hungry in the early morning so they tend to refuse to eat before going to school. So, it’s parents’ responsibility to help them to pick up good habits like eating breakfast before going to school.

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