Healthy Weight gain tips and food ideas for children

Usually, mothers look worried about their child’s weight gain, but they never thought that giving too much food to their child could not give them a healthy weight gain. As they grow slowly and steadily, their bodies and metabolism change, gaining weight. Some children have a good weight according to their age, and some have a normal and the others fall into genetically lean. 

A healthy nutritional diet is an important factor for putting on weight for your child. Underweight kids have no better appetite. That’s why they don’t eat too much.

Here I will guide you and give you the best food options. After taking these yummy nutritional meals, your child will gain weight healthily. 

Why is healthy weight gain important? 

Research shows that kids who show temperament and have difficulty eating with limited diets have faced many adverse physical health issues and greatly impact their healthy growth with overall health. So it is important to gain weight healthily. 

Kids underweight and with chronic medical conditions are more likely to gain weight with special diet care. Those children who are picky eaters also need some help regarding this problem because they are also undernourished and puny. 

Whatever the reason for not gaining weight, let’s dig into the amazing and easiest tips that help your child put flesh on their body.

Tips for gaining weight healthily. 

  • Don’t try to eat one time or take three big meals, except all of these; make sure to take five small meals in a day in different periods. 
  • Skipping meals is not good at all, your child’s health will be affected badly. Those children face many problems who are always starving and skip their mealtime just for the sake of other activities. Make sure to get an eye on your child’s mealtime.
  • Advise your child to eat healthy snacks at least once or twice a day for a healthy body.
  • It’s good to avoid a high-calorie, and low nutrients diet that includes all kinds of junk food such as candies, soft drinks, chips, biscuits, and the list goes on.
  • Start your day with a nutrition-filled breakfast and end your day with energy-dense food: milk, butter, wheat, rice, meat, and other healthy foods.
  • Ignore low energy-containing drinks that can easily fill your child’s tummy, and they further neglect to eat their meals.

Seven healthy food options and yummy dish ideas for weight gaining of children

Weight-gaining foods should be attractive and delicious for kids. Your children will only enjoy it if the food is appealing to them. Here I have listed the top 10 healthy foods that give your child a healthy, fattened body. 

  1. Chicken, the dominant food

Chicken is a high nutrient food as it has protein and phosphorus, a vital mineral that enlightens your bones, teeth, and liver and helps the kidney function properly. And the main benefit of adding chicken to your child’s meal is that their nervous system works properly. 

You can make chicken nuggets, chicken cheese balls, or crispy fried chicken to provide your child with a wholesome meal to put on some weight. 

  1. No doubt about eggs

The egg is the main wholesome food that gives your child a healthy body with robust functionality because it provides your body muscles to grow better and much stronger. The development of tissues is made twice as large by putting eggs on your child’s menu.

Other main nutrients such as; protein, calcium, phosphorus are also found in the 


Eggs can be added to your child’s breakfast menu and if they don’t like to boil eggs, try to give them in other forms like a simple omelet, chicken cheese omelet, make some French toast by adding an egg to the ingredients list. 

  1. No sugar, only honey

Honey is the best alternative to refined sugar, as it is formulated of carbohydrates essential for your child’s healthy weight gain. This natural sweetening flavor has less fat content. But the sweet taste should be added to your child’s meal in a limited quantity as recommended by doctors.

Make pancakes and pour honey on them to attract your child towards a mouth-watering dish. Add honey instead of sugar in every sweet word you make for your child to make heavier. 

  1. Milk, the leading energy booster

Milk is the best source of weight gain healthily as it consolidates your bones and gives them enough calcium nutrition that will last longer in your child. If your child is not lactose tolerant, you must provide them with milk regularly, whether a cup of milk or any other form of it, to give them sufficient stamina for their future growth.

If your child throws tantrums towards milk and doesn’t like it, you can make different sweet dishes like mango delight, custard, and fruit cream. You can also make shakes of other fruits to give them a healthy energy booster in just one shot. 

  1. Dry fruits and nuts for the brain stability

Dry fruits like walnuts, cache, peanuts, and almonds are best for smoothie topping or can be eaten in place of candies. Please encourage your child to eat dry fruits and nuts because it is vital for brain stability and strength. It has all the nutrients, including proteins and vitamins, with magnesium, giving your child a healthy mind and a healthy, fattening body.

The best way to give your child nuts is to add them to your child’s lunch box. You can also top nuts on ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes, and Sundaes. 

  1. Beans and lentils for dinner

Beans and lentils are the best sources of high-calorie content enriched with soluble fiber that alleviates your child’s rebellious emotions. Beans cooked in different styles can attract your baby towards healthy eating.

It is very difficult to encourage your child to eat beans and lentils, but you can add lentils in chicken curry; children also like lentils mixed in nuggets and cutlets. You can add beans to the soup. There are many different ways to add beans and lentils to your child’s menu.

  1. Fruits and veggies

Most children love to eat fruits like bananas, mangoes, apples, and oranges, but they don’t like veggies. I have heard from almost every mother that they have struggled a lot, but their children are not ready to eat veggies. I have a suggestion for every mother. Try to mix veggies in something that your child loves most, like mix with chicken or make nuggets; you can also add them in soup.

It is necessary to encourage your child to eat veggies the same as your child eats fruits because both are beneficial and necessary for weight gain in a healthy manner. Not only weight gain but gives you fundamental advantages regarding your overall health. 

Final Verdict

Motivate your child to eat meals properly when they are hungry and if they are not starving, give them something light to eat that gives them energy for contributing to other activities. Underweight children need some help regarding food intake that gives them healthy weight gain. Take a professional consultancy or contact your dietitian who helps your children grow better and healthier. 

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