The Keto Diet:Worldwide Fitness Trend

The keto diet buzz has existed for a long time with the never-ending interest of people. 

Celebs made it more distinguished to acquire it from time to time for shedding extra pounds.

No doubt, the keto or ketogenic diet is one of the most popular ways of dieting worldwide.

 It is famous for being easy to pursue as a weight-loss strategy.

 However, it has some beneficial outcomes for health too. 

What is a Keto diet?

To define it simply we can say that,

“Keto diet is a high fat, very  low carb and moderate protein consistent dietary plan.”

You get more calories from fats, less protein, and very little from carbohydrates in your daily intake.

So, if you’re on a  keto diet plan you consume a high amount of fat, about 70-80 percent, to get the required energy.

 The metabolic state when your body uses fats for fuel instead of carbs is called ketosis.

For the first time, it was used in the United States of America, to cure epilepsy in children and diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s. 

Subsequently, some of the research illustrated its further advantages for health and fitness.

How Does Keto Diet  Work?

The keto diet strives to force the body into using different types of fuel instead of the sugar (glucose) that carbohydrates provide.

Usually, carbohydrates (whole grains,  legumes, bread, rice, etc) are the main source of energy for the cells.
 While the keto diet drastically reduces the intake of carbohydrates to 10 – 5 percent and increases the number of fats, such as meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and oils to 70-80 percent, filling up the energy necessities and getting into a ketosis state, where the body uses fats for fuel.

 The Keto Diet for Weight Loss

For weight loss purposes keto diet is mostly preferred and found effective.

In a keto diet plan, you eat limited carbs less than 50 grams in a day and your body runs out of blood sugar as fuel.

Because your fats and proteins consumption is high in the keto diet,

 the body starts to break down the fats and protein to get energy which can lead to weight loss. 

The Keto diet is primarily not used for weight loss but after being helpful in some diseases, it was also found effective for weight loss diet plans. However, it’s a short-term diet plan because it mainly focuses on weight loss rather than other health factors.

The Keto Diet Benefits

  • The keto diet emphasizes weight loss by giving a boost to the metabolism.
  • Foods rich in fats and proteins reduce hunger-stimulating hormones so less appetite promotes healthy weight loss.
  • The high amount of carbohydrates and blood sugar can be a cause of skin troubles but in the keto diet, less intake of carbs improve acne problem.
  • According to the research, it may reduce the risk factors in some types of cancer and help with treatment.
  • A Keto diet has a good impact on heart health by promoting healthful fats which reduces cholesterol levels.
  • Ketones generated by the keto diet may help you strengthen the functionality of the brain
  • It can reduce seizures in a person having epilepsy conditions. 
  • PCOS is a hormonal disorder and according to the research, the keto diet is beneficial for harmonious balance.
  • Low- carb keto diet reduces blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • The Keto diet involves low-carb intake that leads to a decrease in the risks of higher blood pressure and strokes.

The Keto Diet Risk Factors

  • The keto flu is a common side-effect of the keto diet. At the start of the keto diet, people experience flu-like signs such as headaches and tiredness which is called the keto flu.
  • In the keto diet, you lose the water weight at first which can cause dehydration.
  • Elimination of fruits and legumes can cause deficiency of vitamins and minerals.
  • A lack of fiber caused by the keto diet leads to constipation.
  • Kidney Stones are considered a risk factor of the keto diet.
  • The keto diet with so many fats to metabolize worsens the liver condition.

What to Eat and Avoid in the Keto Diet

The keto-friendly foods are very low in carbs which can help you lose weight, improve your health with a feeling of satisfaction.

The foods you may have in a keto diet are meat, seafood, eggs, low-carb vegetables, good fats, nuts, and berries.

While the foods to avoid are high-carb, sugary foods and drinks like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, soft drinks, candies, and bakery items.

The Bottom Line 

When eating so many fats and proteins, you feel full for long periods but it’s true to say that maintaining this kind of diet can be difficult in many ways.

It’s Good 

Talk to a doctor who knows very well about the diets and their overall health results, before adopting any keto diet plan.

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